Find Broken Track File Links

Use this function to determine if you have broken track file links. Music files might be removed from your music directory, but the albums and tracks are still in the AlbumPlayer database. This function detect these links.

When activating this function, the AlbumPlayer will start to scan your disk for all albums in the database. When ready a dialog appears the lists all tracks with broken links. You can select these tracks and choose "Delete Selected Tracks", to remove the tracks from the database.


Delete Albums when no Tracks remain
When you set this option, the AlbumPlayer will automatically remove the album that owns the tracks when the last track from an album is removed.

Include "Missing" Tracks (tracks without file link)
Tracks can be marked in the database as a "Missing" track. In fact this is a track with a broken file link which is intentionally in the track list of the album. Set this option if you want to show this tracks too.


More database maintenance see here: Preferences - Database

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