At this preferences page you can maintain your database.


Using this Backup section you can easily make a backup of your database. This backup is not a backup of your music files but the database that contains all references, information and images related to your music files. More information about database locations and ini files see also here: Database locations on disk.

Database location
This field displays the location of your database directory.

Last backup date
This fields displays the date time of the last backup.

Backup DB Now
With this button, backup starts to the location that is specified below the button.

Remind me to backup in
This field contains the amount of days to pass before the AlbumPlayer reminds to make a backup. This reminder will be presented during AlbumPlayer startup. After a backup the field is automatically set to 3 days but another value can be entered.

Never mind
Set this option if you don't want to get a backup reminder at AlbumPlayer setup.


Removing and updating albums can leave unused space in the database. You can compress the database to remove this unused space. This will also cleanup unreferenced covers from the database which are still in the database. Before you start compressing, it is recommended to make a backup of the database first.

Compress DB Now
With this button, you start the compression.

Location of music files

Redirect Track Files To New Location
See: Redirect Track Files To New Location.

Find Broken Track File Links
See: Find Broken Track File Links.


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